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Mobile, Alabama/  The Mobile Bay Tornados is pleased to announce that it will partner with the American Basketball Association (ABA), The International Reading Association (IRA) to conduct the third year of the joint Fast Break for Reading Program.

successThe Fast Break for Reading initiative was developed to encourage students to read for a minimum of ten minutes per day by providing participants with unique incentives provided by the Tornados, the IRA & ABA, including free tickets to ABA games, certificates of participation, literacy and basketball programs and community support.  In 2012-2013 Fast Break for Reading set an initial goal of generating one million total minutes read.  Together, IRA and ABA exceeded that goal by generating 2.1 million minutes read.  The goal of Fast Break for Reading 4 is to generate five million total minutes read by the participating students over the course of the four-month program.

The IRA is currently revising the program website and will unveil the site sometime in October.  In the meantime, the Mobile Bay Tornados are contacting local schools and districts to generate awareness of the program and the goals.  The Fast Break for Reading program consists of two major components, a reading program, and a book donation program (to be announced shortly).

twister2Upon program launch, teachers will be encouraged to come to the Fast Break for Reading website and sign up to participate.  There, they will download program branded reading logs to distribute tot their students and encourage them to read for a minimum of ten minutes per day.  Each month, the students will submit their reading logs to the teachers who will then return to the site and enter the students’ totals.  Each student that participates in the program will receive a ticket voucher which can be redeemed for admission to one ABA game of their choice.  These vouchers will be available on the Fast Break for Reading website for teachers to provide to their students.  Each student will also receive a certificate of participation signed by the IRA & ABA.  The Mobile Bay Tornados are encouraging the school to build buzz about the program.

When the Fast Break for Reading site launches, teachers will be encouraged to reach out to the Mobile Bay Tornados and work with team management to create potential partnerships and programs together.  These could include basketball & reading clinics or other possible initiatives.  These teacher liaisons represent a direct link from teams to schools and should be viewed as an outstanding resource for building a stronger community presence and outreach.

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