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rsz_1img_1073COMMUNITY VISION –  Our Chance To Bring Hope To Children In The Community

Every child brings a unique and wonderful blessing to a parent. Perhaps this is one of    the reasons why most parents feel the desire to complete their families with at least a son and a daughter.

As a parents and grand-parent, we are celebrating the joys of raising “future men & women” for the success of America.

The Community Vision Program – With the help of parents, community and businesses; we can provide the tools and support for children to grow into productive men and women for a successful America.

Community Vision has created a simple way for us to help fight challenges in The Mobile Bay Community. The Community Vision Program have developed ways to educate families on fitness, health, finances and to help them become independent young adults through the support of people all over the Mobile Area.

Community Vision is a program within the Mobile Bay Tornado Organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential. We promote public involvement and government policies that help accelerate growth.

rsz_img_1013Community Vision is committed to sponsoring summer camp programs for youth, financial workshops for parents and revenue enhancement seminars for businesses. There will be three (3) two (2) week summer camp programs and twelve (12) mini programs (Saturday) for youth, eight (8) financial workshops for parents and six (6) revenue enhancement seminars to meet our program objectives.

If you want to experience the feeling and fulfillment as a result of making a worthwhile contribution to a child’s, a family or business life, you want to be a part of the Community Vision Program. Contact us for more details on how you can support the mission of the Community Vision Program

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