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The Mobile Bay Tornados are a member of the ABA (American Basketball Association) and Gulf Coast Division Champions for 2016. They finished 2016 with a 19 – 1 record and 3 – 0 to start their 4th season in Mobile. The Tornados began their journey with the ABA in February 2013. During those three years, they have seen success on and off the basketball court.

In their first season, The Tornados adopted the slogan “We are not about just basketball-We are about changing lives”.

The initial goal of the Tornados was to provide a gateway for young men to live their dream of playing professional basketball. Into their first season, the Tornados organization saw the opportunity to truly make a difference in the growth of the community.

They saw the need for creating and encouraging a positive outlook in young men and youth. The importance of getting players back into the communities they grew up in and sharing that same positive outlook to friends and family.

The Mission of The Mobile Bay Tornados Basketball Organization:
 We will support educational achievement in youth, promote cultural excellence while showcasing the spirit and energy of the Mobile community.
 We will partner with organizations, youth groups and schools with their initiatives programs while being role models for youth in the community. (YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Mobile County Schools, L’Arche, My Brothers And Sisters, PUAD (People United To Advance The Dream Of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others).
 We will celebrate diversity and create an opportunity for our aspiring, hopeful youth to grow.
 We will effectively promote services, entertainment, workshops, exhibits and many other community events.
 We will provide sports entertainment at an affordable price and create a sports medium for businesses, groups and organizations to increase awareness and revenue.
 We will continue to help young men to dream again by giving them the opportunity to live their dream of playing professional basketball.
 We will provide the following program to support our youth: Bullies Are Cowards, You Matter Stay In School, Books For Baskets Reading Program
 Tornados Player Mentoring Program for attitude and mindset enhancement.
TORNADOS CORE VALUES – We Are Not Just About Basketball, We Are About Changing Lives.
 “Commitment to Excellence” is the foundation that drives this organization, both on the court and within the community. “Commitment to Excellence” is not only the state in which we expect our finished product but the mindset in which we carry out our daily roles and responsibilities with our team, partners, and community.
 “Community Involvement” is essential to our organization. Supporting the efforts of organizations throughout the community reflects our values as members of this community. Our team loves being a part of this aspect.
 “Diversity” is reflected within the core of our team, staff and various target markets in which our organization directs it’s focus. “Diversity” expresses the dynamics and variation of the factors contributing to the success of our organization. The Mobile Bay Tornados promote all aspects of the community.
They believe through collaboration with groups, organizations, businesses and local communities they can create a stronger Mobile. We invite you to join the Tornados Journey and create greatness together

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